5 public health phds online

Ph.D. in Public Health or DrPH – Walden University

The Walden University offers a Ph.D. in Public Health and a Doctorate in Public Health, both in online modality.

The Ph.D. in Public Health is designed for students to be leaders in the field. Graduates are critical thinkers capable of assessing and analyzing barriers, needs, and advance the knowledge and practice of public health. The programme takes an in-depth approach to disease and injury prevention, health informatics, and the importance of marketing and communication in public health.

The Ph.D. degree has two tracks:

  • Track I: Designed for students with a Master’s in Public Health or an M.Sc. in Public Health. Students with these degrees can reduce their required credits and coursework.
  • Track II: Designed for students with at least a Bachelor’s in an academic discipline other than the public health field.

The cost per credit for each track is $575. Both have a duration of 3 to 8 years. However, the completion rate and costs may vary depending on whether the student holds an MPH or MSc. in Public Health.

The Doctor of Public Health degree also has two tracks:

  • Track I: Designed for students with an MPH. The minimum completion requirements are 78 quarter credits and two residencies.
  • Track II: Designed for students with a Master’s in an unrelated field. The minimum completion requirements are 104 quarter credits and two residencies.

Regardless of the track, students have 8 years to complete the degree unless they request for an extension. The cost per credit is $575.

If you’re not sure which one is best for you, the University made this comparison chart with key elements of each programme.
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DrPH – University of Illinois at Chicago

The UIC offers this online DrPH in Leadership to address the current need for public health leaders. It’s designed for mid-career professionals wanting to expand their knowledge of the field. The programme provides analytical skills to solve public health problems at the leadership level.

The courses are offered during the day and early evening with a format similar to a classroom experience. Most students attend the courses part-time, register six to eight hours per term, and complete the programme in four to six years. Students are expected to work while in the programme to apply the skills directly into their profession.

Admission requirements include a Master’s degree in Public Health or in a related field, at least 3 years of full-time experience in public health with a leadership position, and a personal statement. Applicants with a Master’s in Public Health can transfer up to 32 credits.

Even though the programme is fully taught online, students going through their third year must attend the yearly DrPH Summer Institute. This is the residence component of the programme.

The tuition fee is $830 per credit hour. However, financial aid options are available, such as assistantships, loans, scholarships, and awards.

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DrPH – Capella University

The Capella University is an online university that offers a variety of degrees in different fields. Their Doctor of Public Health degree is one of them. The curriculum teaches students how to effectively apply research to design public health programs, develop solutions to address public health issues, and succeed as high-level leaders.

The coursework is combined with a doctoral capstone and a practicum. Students will be paired with a mentor for the capstone project and will have expert support throughout their studies.

The University’s learning format offers a “Guided Path”, which provides more structure for students who want it. With this learning format, students will have more guidance, support, and 24/7 course-room access, as well as a pre-set path with assignments and discussions.

The cost per credit is $735. Students can transfer up to 18 credits.

They also offer scholarships for qualifying students. This scholarship doesn’t need to be repaid. To reduce costs, grants are also available.

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DrPH in Global Health Leadership – Indiana University

The Indiana University offers this three-year degree online. Graduates are prepared for positions related to the analysis of global health policies, planning of health systems, education, promotion, and research.

Students take their courses via real-time video. The coursework is fully taught online, but there are three face-to-face mandatory meetings in the first and second year. The dissertation is also defended on campus, in the third year. Teaching tools include interactive debates and discussions.

In order to obtain the degree, students must complete 45 credit hours, most of them coming from research and leadership courses.

For Indiana residents, the cost per credit hour is $500. For non-Indiana residents (regardless of citizenship) the tuition is $1,500 per credit hour.

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DrPH in Health Leadership – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

The UNC-Chapel Hill offers this three-year Doctorate of Public Health in Health Leadership online, designed for mid-to-senior-level professionals looking to develop a strong skill set for leadership roles in either public or private sector settings. The programme aims to prepare students to shape public health policies, conduct research, and implement their knowledge in the profession.

Applicants are expected to be full-time workers with leadership responsibilities, such as health directors, managers in agencies/foundations/organizations, or entrepreneurs working in non-traditional settings related to public health.

The first two years require three on-campus meetings, one of them may be in an international site or another U.S. location. Meetings let the students conclude their work of the preceding semester and participate in workshops and lectures. The third year focuses on the dissertation, which students can complete in one to three years.

The minimum criteria for admission include a GPA of at least 3.0, at least five years of post-graduate experience in the field with significant leadership responsibilities, a prior master’s/doctoral degree, and a full-time job. International applicants must provide an English language certificate.

Students without an advanced degree related to public health must complete five online courses: biostatistics, environmental health, epidemiology, health management, and social and behavioral science.

The tuition fee for residents is $735.42 per credit hour, $1,559.42 for non-residents.

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