Introduction to Global Health

An Introduction to Global Health is an online course offered by the University of Copenhagen. This course provides an overview global health and discuss the most important health challenges that the world is facing today. In addition, insight will be gained on how challenges have changed over time and on how they will continue to change with time. Successful strategies and programs promoting a healthy population will be discussed and global health governance structures will be mapped. Some of the topics covered included in this course are infectious disease, non-communicable diseases and injuries, maternal and child health, and food and water. Future projections of health determinants and intervention strategies will also be explored. This 7-week long course requires 3 to 5 hours of work a week to complete all course material. Modules consist of a combination of videos and readings, with assignment due every week that assess the individual’s understanding of the information. Practice quizzes are also available, but will not be graded. Those who pass all graded assignments will complete the course.

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