Paid Internships in Public Health

Ohio Citizen Action – Environmental Justice

Ohio Citizen Action is Ohio’s Largest non-profit environmental and consumer rights organization and is at the forefront of the grassroots effort to protect Ohio’s environment and public health. They work locally to sustain and improve environmental standards, preserve Ohio’s natural resources, and promote democratic processes to determine the policies that affects Ohio’s communities and quality of life.

Location: Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Compensation: $1,000-$2,000/month

Deadline: Every year by the beginning of September

Duration: Full-time for 3-5 months; Hours: Monday-Friday 2 p.m.-10:30 p.m.

Duties and Responsibilities: Individuals will lead local grassroots campaigns to protect the health, economy, environment and quality of life of Ohio communities. Currently, the organization is focusing on:

Clean Water: Reducing Ohio’s dependency on coal, which leaks into the state’s water supply.

Consumer Rights: Stopping rate hikes on electric utility bills.

Sustainable Energy: Promote energy efficiency and renewable energy programs that will help mitigate climate change disasters, improve overall public health, and create a green working economy.

Eligibility Requirements: Anyone can apply for this position, but relocation to Ohio is required. Excellent communication skills are required. Candidates should possess a strong and genuine commitment to environmental, social, and political justice, and have a positive attitude with a good sense of humor.

Benefits: Extensive paid training, fun and casual work atmosphere, college credits are available for students, part-time schedules can be negotiated for students attending fall classes, leadership trainings are offered, opportunities for travel throughout the U.S. to attend national and regional conferences.

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Clean Water Action – Fall Environmental Community Organizer

Since their founding in 1972, Clean Water Action has worked to win strong health and environmental protections by bringing issue expertise and solution-oriented thinking to the table. Their goal is to protect clean water by fighting for better policies to be passed into law by Administration and Congress.

Location: Nationwide

Compensation: Full-time for $10-$12/hour

Duration: Varies

Deadline: Varies on location and vacancy

Duties and Responsibilities: Interns will work alongside the organization’s full-time professional outreach team to engage communities in local, state and national issues, informing and educating the public, including writing or posting content for website articles, blog posts or email communications, building support and channeling that support into action. Responsibilities include promoting community action on progressive issues to influence national, state, and local decision makers, providing communication with people that are independent of the mass media, recruit members by collecting signatures and contact information from individuals who are interested in the organization, and help raise funds to support the organization’s research, lobbying and educational campaigns. Every fall, the organization aims to work on the following:

Elections: hold elected officials accountable for protecting the environment and the public’s health.

Clean Water: Protect the nation’s waterways to keep drinking water and recreational areas pristine.

Environmental Justice: Ensure that the lowest income neighborhoods and most vulnerable populations are not disproportionately burdened by negative environmental issues.

Sustainable Energy: Promote energy efficiency and renewable energy programs that will help mitigate climate change disasters, improve overall public health, and create a green working economy.

Benefits: Gain knowledge of state and federal politics, campaign strategies, and environmental issues. Paid training and rewarding work with a casual work setting. In addition, high performing interns will be considered for future employment and leadership positions. There are also opportunities for travel throughout the U.S. to attend national and regional conferences. There is a possibility of earning college credit, depending on location.

Eligibility Requirements: Anyone can apply for this position, but relocation to organization location is required. Strong organization and communication skills are required. Ideal candidates must demonstrate genuine commitment to progressive politics and environmental issues and be able to work both independently or in a team environment. Candidates that possess an interest in non-profit career development is a plus but is not required. Familiarity with face to face organizing in a variety of communities is also highly desired.

CHC Wellness – Corporate Wellbeing/Wellness Fall Internship

CHC Wellbeing is a purpose driven organization that cares for the health individuals within companies and those who are underprivileged in their community. This organization focuses on a set of benchmark wellbeing risks that have been directly linked to healthcare costs and productivity through foundational research. CHC Wellbeing focuses on the whole person, not only their physical problems, addressing physical, social, emotional and financial wellbeing. This organization deploys evidence-based wellbeing strategies to reduce the prevalence of benchmark wellbeing risks, which has led to a significant return on investments from cost savings and productivity gains. For 14 years, they have served more than 1,000 clients across multiple industries, including: manufacturing, healthcare, governments, school districts and non-profits.

Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Compensation: Full-time or part-time for $12-$13/hour

Duration: 3 months

Deadline: Every year by the beginning of September

Duties and Responsibilities: This internship is designed to provide individuals with the opportunity to gain practical experience through direct exposure to workplace wellbeing programs. Responsibilities include supporting the efforts of the management team by:

Increasing client engagement while providing actionable recommendations.

Implementing solutions that best fit the client’s needs.

Enhancing individual participant’s wellbeing experience.

Managing client marketing strategies that best promote the program.

Collecting and analyzing data that can be used to evaluate client programs.

Working closely with internal stakeholders on building and maintaining relationships to ultimately ensure the success of clients and key initiatives.

Eligibility Requirements: Relocation to Illinois is required. Candidates must have a passion for health and wellbeing. Candidates must also be a senior undergraduate student OR a graduate student pursuing a degree in wellness, health promotion, public health, nutrition, exercise science, or a related field. Recent graduates can apply. Ideal candidates must be proficient in Microsoft Office products and be able to commit to the hours scheduled throughout the internship. Strong organizational and time management skills with the ability to multitask and re-prioritize with great attention to detail is required. Strong customer service skills and excellent presentation skills are also required.

Via Evaluation – Evaluation Intern

VIA is a certified women-owned business that is dedicated to helping school districts, colleges/universities, and community-based organizations develop, improve, and sustain their services. Via provides clients with applied evaluation services such as survey design and analysis, comprehensive program evaluation, data systems consulting, and accessible reports.

Location: Buffalo, New York, United States

Compensation: varies

Duration: 2018-2019 academic school year

Deadline: Every year by September

Duties and Responsibilities: Individuals who want to learn how to apply their developing research skills and interests to help real-life programs improve should consider applying to this position. Interns will work and learn, with the guidance of Evaluators and Research Associates, to develop data management systems, clean real-world data, analyze results, and create data visualizations and reports. The work requires extensive tracking of information, excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and observations of educational programming in a variety of settings.

Eligibility Requirements: Relocation to New York is required. Candidates must possess at least a bachelors’ degree but being a current master’s student is highly desired. Experience using SPSS or similar statistical programs, knowledge of program evaluation and K-12 schools, universities, and community-based programs, and a strong interest in helping programs improve services through use of data are also highly desired, but not required. Ideal candidates are eager to develop themselves professionally and seek feedback, enjoy working collaboratively, demonstrate an ability to apply learning quickly across projects, excel at setting up systems to organize and track information, want to work with data in Excel and other programs, have experience using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, and must know how to plan and organize work to meet short- and long-term deadlines. The candidates should also share the organization’s core values: commitment to growth and development, proper work/life balance, a desire to expand their understanding and use of the organization’s work, taking a collaborative team approach, and being forthright and honest. Although not required, those who apply typically have background or interest in: Psychology, Education, Social Work, Sociology, Anthropology, Public Health, Public Administration, and nonprofit management.

Clarke – Seasonal Lab Internship

Clarke is a privately-held global environmental products and services company that aims to make communities around the world more livable, safe and comfortable. They do this by pioneering, developing and delivering environmentally responsible public health mosquito control and aquatic services to help prevent disease, control nuisances and create healthy waterways. Their global customers include governments, commercial and residential groups and international institutions such as UNICEF, and U.S. AID.

Location: Roselle, Illinois, United States

Compensation: Full time for $13/hour; Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Duration: varies

Deadline: Every year at the beginning of June

Duties and Responsibilities: Responsibilities for interns include: setting mosquito traps to collect adult samples, identify the genus and species of all larval and/or adult samples brought to the lab by field technicians, performing virus testing on adult mosquito samples, assisting the Lab Director with the inventory of all lab and field supplies with the supervision of Light Trap Runners, completing special research projects and/or field work as needed, documenting and communicating daily work activity to ensure completion, and making sure safe work practices and procedures are followed at all times.

Eligibility Requirements: Relocation to Illinois is required. Successful candidates must be at least 18 years or older and are currently enrolled and have achieved junior or senior standing and/or have recently graduated from an accredited University or College with a Major area of study in Biology, Entomology, Environmental Science, or related fields. Previous experience working or studying in a laboratory environment is strongly preferred. Candidates must also be able to communicate effectively in English in both written and verbal forms. They must have a valid Driver’s License with an excellent driving record and the ability to sit and drive a vehicle for extended periods of time, as well as walk extensively. Candidates are also required to pass the Illinois Department of Agriculture General Standards Exam (training provided) and be capable of using handheld technical devices including, but not limited to, smartphones, GPS, and system applications. Candidates must be comfortable performing assigned duties of this job inside a lab and doing some field work, which may include walking through various and challenging terrains, including, but not limited to water, heavy vegetation and uneven land throughout various residential communities, urban environments and traffic patterns where environmental conditions are affected by weather.

Children’s Health Fund – Institutional Partnerships Summer Intern

Children’s Health Fund (CHF) is a nonprofit organization that supports a national network of primary health care programs for medically underserved children and families. CHF’s Institutional Partnerships Team supports this network by raising funds from private and corporate foundations, government agencies, coordinating employee engagement opportunities and community giving programs for corporations.

Location: New York, New York, United States

Compensation: Part-time; $11-$12/hour

Duration: 3 months

Deadline: Every year by the end of May

Duties and Responsibilities: Under the supervision of the Institutional Giving Manager, the Institutional Partnerships Intern will assist with all aspects of foundation and corporate relations, including: researching potential corporate and foundation funding opportunities, write letters of inquiry, concept papers, grant proposals, program reports, and boilerplate language, tracking donor activities by maintaining institutional partnerships files and database records, assisting with coordination and implementation of employee engagement events and donor site visits, and performing additional tasks to support the Institutional Partnerships Team and the Development & Communications Department, as assigned.

Eligibility Requirements: Relocation to New York is required. Candidates must be graduating with a degree from a related field, such as an MPA, MPH, or MS, and must possess a strong interest in development and fundraising. Candidates must also have the ability to handle and prioritize multiple projects simultaneously in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment. Ideal candidates will also have excellent verbal communication and writing skills.

American International Health Alliance – Communications and Marketing Intern

The American International Health Alliance (AIHA) is an international nonprofit organization working to advance global health through locally driven, locally owned, and locally sustainable health systems strengthening (HSS) and human resources for health (HRH) interventions. AIHA does this by providing technical assistance through comprehensive, integrated, and volunteer-driven partnerships and initiatives that help low- and middle-income countries build institutional and human resource capacity to create a strong foundation for delivering high-quality, inclusive health services.

Location: Washington, D.C., United States, but locations can vary

Compensation: Part-time for $10-$12/hour

Duration: varies

Deadline: varies

Duties and Responsibilities: Intern responsibilities include writing, maintaining, and enhancing content for our website using WordPress., developing and publishing creative content for social media accounts, working with the communications and program teams, including field staff, to develop content for online and print publications, working on infographics and other graphic representations of AIHA’s work for online presentations and other purposes, researching topics related to global public health, human resources for health, and health systems strengthening as requested, and performing other tasks, which might include administrative duties such as organizing our photo archive or updating contact lists, as requested.

Eligibility Requirements: Relocation to assigned location is required. Candidates must be currently pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Communications, English, journalism, marketing, or related field. Proficiency with WordPress and Microsoft Office and experience with various social media platforms and metrics are required. Candidates must also be ardent storytellers with superior writing and research skills. Experience with Adobe Creative Cloud is desired. Candidates should also be self-motivated and have the ability to work both independently and as part of a team. They must also possess good interpersonal and cross-cultural communication skills with a strong attention to detail. Familiarity with APA Style is also desired. Knowledge of or interest in global health and development a plus.

How to apply: For an application, please send cover letter and resume to

Citizens Campaign for the Environment – Environmental Outreach Staff

Citizen’s Campaign for the Environment (CCE) engages in extensive education, research, lobbying and public outreach. One of their primary goals is to help citizens increase their influence and participation in important environmental campaigns. CCE’s experienced program staff works to identify key environmental concerns in communities across New York State and Connecticut. By working with other organizations in diverse coalitions and through ongoing communication with local, state and federal elected officials and environmental/public health agencies. This organization’s achievements through public involvement have resulted in greater awareness and protection of drinking water quality, preservation of open spaces, protection of beaches, bays, rivers and Great Lakes waters, advancing renewable energy and a reduction in pollutants that impair our air and water resources.

Location: Hamden, Connecticut, United States

Compensation: Full-time for $10-$12/hour

Duration: 3 months

Deadline: Every year by the beginning of May

Duties and Responsibilities: As a community organizer, the intern will be responsible for providing public education on the grassroot campaigns designed by the organization. They focus on issues to protect air, land water quality and public health. After educating members of the public, the intern’s job is to effectively get people involved with the campaign from the community. This means signing petitions, writing letters to their elected officials and making a campaign donation.

Eligibility Requirements: Relocation to Connecticut is required. Ideal candidates have good communication skills, political knowledge and a passion for environmental issues.

City of Minnetonka – Environmental Health Intern

A division of Community Development, Environmental Health provides efficient and cost-effective services to the residents and businesses of Minnetonka, including licensing, inspection and enforcement of health standards in food sanitation, lodging facilities, beaches, swimming pools and spas, massage and tattoo establishments, and the Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act, and public health nuisances.

Location: Minnetonka, Minnesota, United States

Compensation: Full-time for $15/hour

Duration: 3 months

Deadline: Every year by the beginning of May

Duties and Responsibilities: Essential job functions for the intern include: completing assigned inspections, enforcing codes/ordinances related to environmental health, including swimming pool inspections, food operations, food vending, and refuse trucks, investigating nuisance complaints and miscellaneous filing/organizing, etc.

Eligibility Requirements: Relocation to Minnesota is required. Minimum job qualifications for the intern includes: a commitment to and belief in the organization’s shared values, academic experience in environmental health, food science, biological or physical sciences, community health education or related field, and a valid driver’s license. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in environmental health, food science, biological or physical sciences, community health education or related field, previous work experience in the environmental health field, computer software experience in Microsoft Office applications, and good communication and organizational skills are all highly desired but are not required. Ideal candidates should also have knowledge of environmental health, food science, biological or physical sciences, or a background in community health education or a related field. Candidates should have the skill to work with people and the ability to take direction and complete tasks, effectively communicate with the public and/or business managers/owners and organize and prioritize daily/weekly/monthly tasks.

Association of Public Health Laboratories – Respiratory Diseases Intern

The Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) works to strengthen laboratory systems serving the public’s health in the U.S. and globally. Its members monitor and detect health threats to protect the health and safety of Americans. The association also provides technical assistance to strengthen laboratory systems in countries worldwide.

Location: Silver Spring, Maryland, United States

Compensation: Part-time for $14-$15/hour

Duration: 8 months

Deadline: Every year by the end of January

Duties and Responsibilities: The intern will be assigned two independent projects for the duration of their internship, focused on advancing and promoting the public health laboratory’s role in respiratory disease detection and prevention. These projects change every year. The intern also provides day-to-day administrative and organizational support for the Respiratory Diseases team including: scheduling and coordinating meetings, conference calls, online meetings, and webinars, notifying the participants and sending out the agendas, recording minutes and notes from meetings and calls and makes them available to program staff and participants in a timely fashion, posting, organizing, and maintaining electronic files, preparing correspondence, reports, presentations, and graphics, posting information to listserv and website, processing expense reports and invoices and working with APHL staff on other duties as assigned, with the purpose of acclimating oneself with the coordination aspects of non-profit program management.

Eligibility Requirements: The successful candidate must have completed high school or equivalent level of education and have a minimum of two years of experience or undergraduate education, excellent written and oral communication skills, strong interpersonal skills and desire to learn about respiratory diseases, the role of the public health system in detection, and prevention of these diseases. Ideal candidates must also have computer and word-processing skills, including experience with Excel and Word, and be capable of handling multiple priorities and tight deadlines.