Community Change in Public Health

Community Change in Public Health is an online course offered by Johns Hopkins University. This course aims to explore the community context of changes that need to be made to promote the public’s health. This will be done by examining the different definitions of ‘community’ and the processes by which we seek to understand the structure and characteristics of the different types of communities. In addition, individuals will be examining concepts of participation amongst communities to determine how the different levels of involvement impact sustainability of community change efforts. The identification of community capacities and resources and how they impact facilitating community change will also be explored. Lastly, a case study of a community participatory approach to onchocerciasis control in Africa will be presented to provide an example real-life application of community change. This course is 5 weeks long and requires 1 to 3 hours a week to complete all course materials. Modules consist of a combination of videos and readings, with quizzes and assignments due each week to evaluate the individual’s understanding of the material. Those who pass all graded assignments will complete the course.

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