Disease Screening in Public Health

Disease Screening in Public Health is an online course offered by the University of Geneva. This course aims to help individuals understand important concepts for screening programs. This will be examined through a series of examples that are considered to be most relevant in public health today. Expert interviews that explore future topics in screening will also be included in this course. Other areas to be covered include screening metrics, screening methods in different disciplines, such as pregnancy, newborns, cardiometabolic conditions, and cancer, screening in the aging population, and screening in low and middle-income countries. Evaluation, planning, and implementation of future screening programs will also be discussed. This beginner level course consists of 7 weeks of study, with 1 to 3 hours per week devoted to completing course material. Modules consist of a combination of videos and readings, with assignments due every week to assess individual’s understanding of the material. Those who pass all graded assignments will complete the course.

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