Global Health and Humanitarianism

Global Health and Humanitarianism is an online course offered by the University of Manchester. This course will provide an overview of global health and humanitarianism in theory and practice. Each week, a new theme will be discussed, with lectures from the different perspectives of this field giving insight to each theme. During the course, different opinions and debates that are linked to each theme will also be presented, all while addressing ethical and moral issues. Other topics covered in this course include humanitarian dilemmas, the right to humanitarian assistance, and the responsibility to protect communities. This 6-week course is at a beginner level and only requires a commitment of only a few hours a week to complete all course materials. Each module contains a series of videos and readings, in addition to quizzes and discussion forums. In addition, there are supplemental readings and activities for those who want to learn more about the topic. Those who pass all graded assignments will complete the course.

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